Struthof Brennerei at Unnau

The Struthof lies at the edge of the small village Unnau, only 4 km away from our hotel. The Struthof welcomes you with classy liquors and spirits. Experience nature and hospitality, pleasure and culture in its most beautiful way. The Struthof is surrounded by grainfields and the atmospheric „Kornstube“ invites you to stay a while and enjoy some of the products. Established in 1766, the Struthof is the Westerwald’s oldest grain distillery.

Tastings at the Struthof

You will learn everything about the Westerwald’s delights during a joyful tasting in the old „Kornstube“ or the panorama garden – from the hard to the liquid grain. We would be glad to arrange an appointment for you – just show up at the reception.


Struthof 1
57648 Unnau

Tel. 0 26 61 / 24 61
Fax 0 26 61 / 403 41